Sebastian Reichel

radare2: version 1.2

Another 6 weeks, another radare2 release: Yesterday version 1.2 has been released. As usual the changelog is quite impressive. As always building against Debian’s system libraries requires some work. This time its the old capstone release (as Debian uses the newest available release [which is from 2015] and not some git snapshot as radare’s upstream does). Capstone 3.0.4 did not define PPC_INS_CMPB, which is used by radare’s powerpc analysis plugin now. Luckily everything else seems to work as expected. It remains to be seen if Debian’s build farm discovers more problems on the uncommon architectures :)

With Debian being effectively in freeze phase (freeze is in less than 10 days, so the package could no longer transition to testing in time), I uploaded the package to experimental.

Update: Meanwhile 1.2.1 was released upstream & uploaded by me to Debian. The above bug has been fixed in that release. Also another bug breaking builds specifying “–disable-debugger” was fixed upstream after the release and cherry-picked in Debian. So your favourite reverse engineering suite is available for all those not-so-common architectures, which do not have complete debugger support (like s390x). Unfortunately the hurd build is broken in 1.2.0 & 1.2.1. The related upstream bug can be found here.