Sebastian Reichel

Power Supply for v4.11

I just sent the power-supply pull request to Linus Torvalds. Regarding to power-supply Linux v4.11 will bring 3 new drivers:

  • sbs-charger
  • max14656-charger-detector
  • axp20x-ac-power

As well as newly supported hardware in 4 existing drivers:

  • axp20x_usb_power: AXP223 support
  • tps65217: add usb charger support
  • qcom_smbb: support otg regulator
  • at91-reset: add samx7 support

Also we could drop one driver, since the platform it is used for is no longer supported by the Linux kernel:

  • intel_mid_battery

Last but not least we have lots of style fixes, cleanups, API updates and minor functionality fixes. Also one important fix for at91-poweroff, which avoids wearing off the LPDDR memory (and thus destroying after a couple of reboots).