Motorola Droid 4 - Update

Some time has gone by since my last post, so lets have a look what changed for Droid 4:

Apart from that I worked on the Droid 4’s sound support (that will get its own article) and tested all of Tony’s patches. Looks like 4.12 will be quite usable on Droid 4 :) Using qmicli from Debian’s libqmi-utils package I was even able to scan for available GSM/UMTS networks here in Germany. Looks like most of the complexity used by Android is not actually needed to get the 2G/3G modem working :) Further tests were not possible with the 32C3 sim card, which is currently inside of my D4.

So the currently unsupported Hardware, which does not already have patches posted to the relevant mailinglists is now down to:

  • Battery fuel-gauge (haven’t checked complexity, Tony already works on this)
  • Sound (difficulty level: middle, I’m working on this)
  • GPIO modem control (works with userspace hack, proper kernel subsystem/api must be found)
  • Vibrator (probably simple)
  • Proximity (probably simple)
  • Bluetooth (Rob Herring works on serdev based approach for TI WL12XX bluetooth)
  • FM radio (there is “drivers/media/radio/wl128x”, no further checks done so far)
  • GPS (not sure yet, which device provides GPS functionality. In theory both modems and the wl1285c have GPS capabilities)
  • Cameras (hard)