Sebastian Reichel

Motorola Droid 4 - August Update

It has been some time since my last post about the Droid 4. 4.13 will most likely be released next week, so let’s have a look at newly added features related to the Droid 4:

  • crypto acceleration for AES and 3DES
  • support for ISL29030 (proximity and ambient light sensor)
  • USB phy support
  • battery monitoring support
  • bluetooth

Unfortunately the list for 4.14 will be a lot shorter (or even empty), since most other submissions are still in review (or need work). I hope, that display and backlight support make it into 4.15. At that point the device runs fairly well with mainline and mostly catched up with the Nokia N900 (N900 is almost feature complete in mainline).

Apart from the display bits I worked on audio support and submitted a ALSA driver for CPCAP’s DAI. With this driver it’s possible to play or record sound from the CPU (Voice calls, FM and Bluetooth audio features have not yet been implemented). I also wrote an input driver for the PWM based vibrator, which is currently waiting for review. In opposit to the original driver it allows strength configuration and uses a PWM channel instead of toggling a GPIO manually, while having a lot less lines of code at the same time. Last but not least I found out, that the flash LED is controlled via I2C using LM3559-like chip and I’m currently writing a driver for it.

In addition to the driver work I did some analysis how Android uses GPS and noticed, that it does not use the WiLink. I also found out, that libqmi has GPS support. Tony did some tests and got GPS data from MDM6600, so no reverse engineering will be needed! :)

– Sebastian