Sebastian Reichel

Motorola Droid 4 - Debian

In the last post I rooted the Droid 4 and installed LineageOS with SafeStrap as bootloader. Today I took care of getting the mainline kernel running and preparing a rootfs. After some communication with Tony I got the kexec stuff running (at the end the problem was my compiler generating binaries not suitable for Android). Instead of getting a compiler toolchain for Android I decided to rewrite the binary into a shellscript, so that no compiler is required. Read more →

radare2: version 1.2

Another 6 weeks, another radare2 release: Yesterday version 1.2 has been released. As usual the changelog is quite impressive. As always building against Debian’s system libraries requires some work. This time its the old capstone release (as Debian uses the newest available release [which is from 2015] and not some git snapshot as radare’s upstream does). Capstone 3.0.4 did not define PPC_INS_CMPB, which is used by radare’s powerpc analysis plugin now. Read more →